SP+ Parking manages the parking and on-site traffic operations at Soldier Field. Please call the SP+ Parking Customer Service Hotline at (312) 235-7724 if you have questions about parking or if you would like to obtain parking rates.

Bus Parking

Buses may park at the Adler Planetarium Lot (for a designated fee), just northeast of Soldier Field. Customers must have a pre-purchased parking pass beforehand.

Campers/Recreational Vehicles

Campers and recreational vehicles may park at the Adler Planetarium Lot (for a designated fee), just northeast of Soldier Field. Parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Cars must be parked in marked stalls. Patrons cannot buy or save parking spaces for tailgating or late arriving patrons. Backing into parking stalls is not permitted.

Pre-Paid Parking

Customers with pre-paid vouchers are required to park in the North Garage, Waldron Deck and South Lot. Cash will NOT be accepted at these parking lot entrances. Pre-paid vouchers can also be purchased for the Burnham Harbor and Adler Planetarium Surface Lots.  Please make sure to bring a printed copy of your parking pass with you. The parking pass must be visible when you drive into the stadium so that traffic management can direct you to the right lot, and cashiers will be collecting your passes at the lot. Customers cannot buy multiple parking spaces for one vehicle for tailgating purposes.


Cash is accepted on a limited basis at the Alder Planetarium and Burnham Harbor. Cash prices are subject to change without notice.

Hours of Operation & Access

Parking lots open four hours prior to kickoff. All patrons must leave the parking facilities two hours after the conclusion of the game, except on night games or to the discretion of the stadium.

Garages/Parking Lots

  • 31st Street Parking Lot (Shuttle service provided. Cash and online pre-purchase available.)
  • McCormick Place Lake Side Center Underground Garage (Cash Only)
  • Adler Planetarium Lot – Recreational vehicles, campers, buses and cars (Cash and online pre-purchase available.)
  • Burnham Harbor Lot – after boating season (Cash and online pre-purchase available. Cars only, no over-sized vehicles, during Bears’ Games.)
  • Soldier Field North Garage (Online pre-purchase only.)
  • Soldier Field South Lot (Online pre-purchase only. No over-sized vehicles or any trailer attachments.)
  • Soldier Field Waldron Deck (Online pre-purchase only.)
  • For other parking alternatives go to

Garages/Parking Decks

Oversized trucks, trailers, buses RVs/Campers are only allowed to park in the Adler Planetarium. Stretch limousines with coupons are limited to less than 25’ in the North Garage on a limited basis. No cash will be accepted at parking entrances to the North Garage, Waldron Deck, and South Lot.

In and Out

In and out privileges are not permitted.

Parking Ban

Please be attentive to parking postings on city streets. Parking on certain city streets may require a city-issued permit. Areas that may be affected are bounded by west of Lake Shore Drive, Cermak to the south, Clark to the west, and Roosevelt to the north.


The following elements are NOT allowed in enclosed parking garages or open-air lots:

  • Advertising banners or displays
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Grills/open fires are prohibited in enclosed garages and the lower level of Waldron Deck (allowed in open air surface lots)
  • Picketing or political campaigning
  • Saving parking spaces
  • Tents of any size
  • Tethered blimps, balloons, and other oversized inflatables
  • Weapons, fireworks
  • There are no heaters allowed in ALL of Waldron Deck.


Restrooms are located in the North Garage and the Waldron Deck.


Shuttles are available at McCormick Surface Lot. Free shuttles begin running five hours prior to kickoff. The shuttle is accessible from the 31st Street Surface Lot. After the game, shuttles will be stationed at 18th Street to return fans to the McCormick Place Surface Lot. It is about a 5-minute ride but due to excessive crowds following the game, fans taking the shuttle may experience minor delays.


Tailgating is allowed on all surface lots and on the upper level of the Waldron Deck. Party set-ups and grills that exceed the one designated parking space will either be relocated within the designated area or closed down. Fire pits/open fires are NOT ALLOWED IN ANY LOTS. No Propane tanks larger than 19 lbs are allowed on campus. There is no tailgating allowed during the game.

Vehicle Search

Vehicles parking in the open-air lots and in the garages adjacent to Soldier Field are subject to a security search by authorized personnel.